Marma Nadi Chikitsa

Marmas are the 107 vital energy centres located on the surface of the body. These centres are found at anatomical sites where veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints intersect. This ancient Indian rehabilitative therapy, which is said to be the precursor to acupuncture, works to regulate the prana or essential energy of life. As Dr. Vasant Lad has remarked, "consciousness expresses itself in lively, concentrated form at these points. Marma serve as a bridge or doorway between the body, mind and soul." Through specialized gentle palpation techniques, marma therapy can prove to be an invaluable tool in helping to enhance overall wellbeing, restoring psycho-emotional balance, initiating the process of deep healing, and aiding the body's own self healing potential. 

Marma session (30 minutes): $45

**24 hours notice required for all cancellations & schedule changes, or cancellation fee will be charged**