Are you curious about homeopathy? I am now taking on a limited number of patients for homeopathic treatment under clinical supervision, as part of my ongoing studies at The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. This is a great opportunity to experience homeopathic medicine at a very affordable rate. 

The paradigm of homeopathic medicine is concerned with rehabilitating and enhancing one’s natural capacity for self-healing. The word ‘healing’ is etymologically related to the word ‘whole.’ To heal means to restore to a state of wholeness. Put differently, the integrity of the organism is what must be given pride of place. All living beings have an intrinsic capacity for self-healing, and one of the primary goals of homeopathy is to allow this capacity to function optimally. Self-healing is not possible without the mobilization of what Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, called the vital force: “the material organism, thought of without the life force, is capable of no sensibility, no activity, no self-preservation.”

The underlying principal or foundation of homeopathic medicine is expressed through the law of similars: Similia similibus curentur (like treats like). Hahnemann discovered that every medicinal substance could produce a unique combination of symptoms in healthy individuals when given at a sufficient dosage. From this, he discovered that the remedy that is most likely to generate a comprehensive and total response in a sick person is the one that has a symptom picture that most closely matches that of the illness that is being exhibited. The principal of correspondence or resonance lies at the core of the homeopathic treatment. The homeopath must match the image of a patient’s disease to the most similar remedy picture available in the materia medica (i.e. the collection of medicinal substances used in homeopathic practice). The patient’s symptoms can be seen as the vital force of the organism giving signs as to what remedy is required in order to restore optimal health. Homeopathic medicine is guided by the language of the body, by carefully listening to the indications given by the vital force as to what it needs to generate a self-healing response. 

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